Laxicon ®

    Frusemide BP 20 mg & Spironolactone BP 50 mg

    Description :


    It is a combination drug, containing a short-acting loop-diuretic, Frusemide and a long-acting aldosterone antagonist, potassium-sparing Spironolactone. Preparation of these two, shows complementary mechanism of action to result in a powerful diuretic effect. Frusemide inhibits Na+/K+/2Cl- co-transport at loop of Henle and there occurs inhibition of electrolyte and water reabsorption and Spironolactone acts on collecting tubule to block the aldosterone receptors competitively thus inhibiting sodium retention and potassium secretion. As a result sodium excretion is largely enhanced & loss of potassium is suppressed thus a total positive effect on diuresis is achieved.

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