Joint Collaboration

In Bangladesh, large demand and huge enough opportunity exist to develop potential vaccines & oncology market. The Government and environmental & social status of Bangladesh and other feasibilities are favorable for manufacturing and marketing of vaccines & oncology products. Low cost and easy availability of skilled manpower also add an advantage.


The feasibility to export vaccines & oncology throughout the world including WHO (World Health Organization) is also well stablished. With the massive investments in manufacturing plants and R&D facilities along .With the Golden opportunities for Pharmaceutical export accompanied by Government initiative, support incentives & encouragement.


Bangladesh is the only country which has a strong Pharmaceutical base among all the 50 LDCs. On the other hand, BAPI (Bangladesh Association of   Pharmaceutical Industries) is now on the verge of entering the highly regulated overseas market like USA, Europe, Australia & GCC countries. This has made Bangladesh an ideal platform also Bangladesh is lucrative location for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.


So you are cordially invited with your technology to build a business of vaccine & oncology drugs manufacturing and marketing in a Joint Collaboration in Bangladesh.