History & Growth

`White` is a sign of Peace as well as Pure. `Horse` is a sign of Power. So we can say Purity is Power. The White Horse Pharmaceuticals Ltd. started its journey since 1991 in Switzerland and activated in Bangladesh 1996. A logic name where the philosophy of never standing still, never stop thinking & never compromise with Quality for this WHP the most progressive and dynamic business leader in the country as well abroad.  Innovation & diversification are its major strengths.

‘The White Horse Pharmaceuticals Ltd.’ Grew to become one of the leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bangladesh for it`s high quality innovative medicinal preparations. We are playing an important role in the Global Arena as well as domestic market for the improvement of Peoples Health now and near future.

The White Horse Pharmaceuticals Ltd (WHPL) has an Engineering team to support all kinds of plant activities consists of skilled mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians. Engineering Department has its own area of office & Engineering store, Workshop, Generator room, Boiler and Water treatment house. It has 3 stands by generators which generate 1.5 KW electrical powers, 1 DM water plant of capacity 200 liter/hour. Total area of the Department 2,300 sq. ft.